Dreams of Cafe Odanadi…

In February The Cookbook Project traveled back to Mysore India to work with Odanadi Seva Trust on laying the groundwork for a multi-year vocational training program. The program will train participants in ayurvedic health, organic farming principles, and South Indian cooking with the goal of establishing a healthy Ayurvedic South Indian cafe called CAFE ODANADI! CBP worked with the directors of Odanadi to apply for funding and set a strategic plan for the training program. CBP also connected with local Ayurvedic practitioners, organic farmers, and chefs who have pledged to offer educational modules in their areas of expertise the training program.

The month was not without cooking, thankfully! With a group of a dozen inspired young women, CBP coordinated a cooking celebration of South Indian festival recipes including Banana Erucherry from Kerala and Vegetable Biryani from Andhra Pradesh!

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