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Train Online to Become a Certified Food Literacy Educator in Your Community. The Next Training will be in the Fall. You can apply to our future training here.

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Take your skills to the next level by mastering the CBP curriculum and program planning strategies.   Become a lifelong Certified Food Literacy Educator to lead programming in your community.

What is the Training Program?

An online program that teaches individuals how to be healthy leaders, prepare healthy low-cost seasonal meals, undertake a healthy kitchen makeover and then trains leaders to facilitate food literacy and cooking education programs in their own communities.

Who Are We Looking For?

We're looking for YOU if your an aspiring cook, educator, health professional, community leader, parent, summer camp counselor, community volunteer or if you have a passion for food, cooking, sustainability, and nutrition.

What Will I Learn?

The Food Literacy Educator training will prepare you with the skills to prepare healthy whole foods using sustainable ingredients. You'll master the preparation of whole grains and beans, fermenting, and meal planning strategies. The training program will teach you to build community-based partnerships, fundraise, plan, customize, lead and assess the impact of your own cooking and nutrition education program.

How Long Does it Take?

The training program takes 4 weeks to complete. There are 3 weeks of active training, where participants work at their own pace through the program materials, guided by the program syllabus. Live webinars and 'open kitchen' hours provide an opportunity to connect with other trainees and trainers. Then you will complete graduation requirements including your Project Proposal and you'll be certified! The total training time is between 15 and 20 hours depending on the individual

How Much Does it Cost?

Tuition fees are $199 for the entire program (training valued at $450) with three need-based scholarships available for those who apply. CBP donors subsidize the cost of the training program for all applicants. 

Join the Movement

Train with CBP and work in your community. Make an impact at the local level, and inspire youth and the young at heart to make healthier, more sustainable food choices.

Next Program Dates

The Spring training will begin on April 10th, 2017 and ends April 28th, 2017. The application period is open through April 7th. Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Questions? Check out these 'frequently asked questions' for more information.

About the Curriculum

The Curriculum contains 7 core modules broken down into a 16 session Core Curriculum of content, tasting, and cooking sessions. In total there are more than 60 learning sessions that can be implemented. Many leaders facilitate a full program while some choose to facilitate a shorter program of 3 to 5 sessions. Major areas of concentration include food culture, sustainable and seasonal eating, nutrition gardens, food literacy, food geography, food as medicine, food budgeting/economics, and the community food celebration.

Academic Enrichment

The Curriculum supports Common Core academic standards and can be integrated into school-based or enrichment programs to enhance academic success.


CBP encourages and supports Food Literacy Educators to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the community that they serve. The curriculum can be used as a flexible template, with certain core sessions as the foundation. Scheduling, facilities, resources, climate, culture, and demographics are all taken into account in CBP's customized approach.