About Us

We are Building a Network of
Food Literacy Educators

Our Mission

The Cookbook Project inspires youth to be the catalyst for healthier communities through food and cooking education. We train Food Literacy Educators to work in their own communities.

Our Vision

The Cookbook Project seeks to create healthy and sustainable communities worldwide.


We don’t cry over spilt milk. We value resourcefulness in every situation, and resiliency in the face of challenges.


We expand our palates. We encourage an adventurous spirit and open-mindedness to new ideas.


We play with our food. We embrace curiosity, fun, creativity, and innovation in their daily lives.


The more cooks in the kitchen, the better. We promote collaboration and cooperation in the kitchen.

Our Story

The recipe for The Cookbook Project has been inspired by a love for food culture, cooking, and community. The founders, Alissa Bilfield and Adam Aronovitz, started facilitating community-based nutrition education projects using food culture as a learning lens in 2010, propelled by a respect for the vibrant food cultures they encountered around the world. As educators and environmentalists with a love for cooking, and a true belief in the power of community-based experiential learning, the team developed the foundation of what is now The Cookbook Project. Based in New Orleans, The Cookbook Project is growing a network of like-minded Food Literacy Educators at home and around the world.

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