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Train to become a certified Food Literacy Educator

We are passionate about the power of food and cooking education for our youth. We provide the resources for individuals who share this passion to spread this power to the youth in their community. Teachers, after school coordinators, summer camp counselors, moms and dads, health educators, and more have used The Cookbook Project to do just that. Train to inspire.


1.) Apply & Enroll Online

Submit an application, create your account, and enroll in the courses.


2.) Train Online

Login to your account to access your courses and train at your own pace.


3.) Graduate

Complete the training and become a certified Food Literacy Educator.


4.) Lead a Program

Use our curriculum guides and additional resources to lead a program.

Our Courses

Food Literacy Educator Training (Required Course)

This principal course takes between 2 – 3 hours to complete. There are 9 separate lessons composed of narrated slideshows, videos, quizzes, and short assignments. Topics are related to food literacy, sustainable eating, program planning and logistics, how to evaluate your program, and more. This course will certify you as a Food Literacy Educator and prepare you to lead your own program using the curriculum from the courses below.

Price: $175.00

Enroll in the following add-on course(s) according to the age-group(s) you plan to work with

Early Childhood

This course includes the Food Waste Warriors program curriculum. It focuses on understanding the basics of food and nutrition through color. Participants taste, prepare, and learn about food and why it’s important to eat healthy and reduce food waste, especially at school!

Price: $75.00

Elementary School

This course includes the Food Culture Chefs program curriculum. It focuses on learning about nutrition through the lens of food culture. Participants learn basic cooking skills, how to read different food labels, and how to make healthy food choices.

Price: $75.00

Middle School

This course includes the Food Geography program curriculum. It focuses on understanding food through a local and global perspective. Participants learn about seasonality and the origin of common foods. More complex food preparation skills are also introduced.

Price: $75.00

Young Adult

This course includes the Food for All program curriculum. It explores more complex content related to food justice, food policy, and sustainability. Participants learn how to use critical thinking to make healthy food choices, and gain valuable food planning, budgeting, and preparation skills.

Price: $75.00


We offer scholarships through the application process for leaders working with low resource organizations and communities.

Train a Group!

Looking to train a group of Food Literacy Educators for your organization? Contact us about group rates at

About the Curricula

Each curriculum has 14 core sessions with 1-3 additional ‘floating’ enrichment sessions. These programs can be taught as stand-alone, or linked together. The content and cooking skills are tailored to be age-appropriate, and they get more challenging and complex from program to program.

Academic Enrichment

The Curriculum supports Common Core academic standards and can be integrated into school-based or enrichment programs to enhance academic success.


CBP encourages and supports Food Literacy Educators to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the community that they serve. The curriculum can be used as a flexible template, with certain core sessions as the foundation. Scheduling, facilities, resources, climate, culture, and demographics are all taken into account in CBP’s customized approach.

Learning Through Food Across the Curriculum



Explore human history & ancient civilizations through food geography.

Creative Writing


Gain creative writing skills through journaling & food memoir activities.



Strengthen critical-thinking, problem-solving, & analytical skills through the mastery of food literacy resources.



Expand intuitive understanding of the scientific method through CBP’s signature “Food Labs”.



Develop math literacy through food-budgeting and recipe activities.

Vocational Skills


Develop healthy cooking & eating skills essential to enhanced academic performance.

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